Taeyong’s sexy costume is a hot topic! Focus on the Taeyong in SuperM “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)” !!

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SuperM, who made a comeback with the new song “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)”.

It was a song that was likely to hit again after the previous song “100”.

Taeyong’s sexy outfit is a hot topic in the MV of SuperM’s new song “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)”!

This is the MV of SuperM “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)” released on September 1.

The performance was felt like a tiger.

All SuperM members had cool costumes, but especially Taeyong’s costume was sexy!

Taeyong’s blonde hair was perfect for the concept of “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)”.

Taeyong’s costumes were so sexy!

The rap and the dance were really cool.

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SuperM’s new album “Super One” will be released on September 25th.

I’m looking forward to the new song following “100” and “호랑이 (Tiger Inside)”!

Please check it out♪