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97 lines of KPOP gathered! NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, and DK(Seokmin) co-star in Inkigayo !!

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97 lines where BTS Jungkook, NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, DK, ASTRO Eunwoo, etc. are famous for their cross-group ties.

A good friend group made up of members born in 1997.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and DK (Seokmin) will appear in Inkigayo where NCT Jaehyun will serve as MC!

SEVENTEEN performed a comeback stage in Inkigayo broadcast on June 28th.

Jaehyun, Mingyu, and DK played in the comeback interview!

It was a valuable co-starring scene with 97 lines .

NCT Jaehyun and SEVENTEEN Mingyu had a debate about visiting a restaurant in Itaewon while refraining from going out, so there wasn’t much entanglement between them on this broadcast.

Still, I could see Jaehyun, Mingyu, and DK making eye contact.

Once the turmoil has subsided, I want them to show me a lot of the good points of the 97 line!

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NCT Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, and DK co-starred in Inkigayo.

Co-starring beyond the 97-line group was valuable.

Be sure to check out the SEVENTEEN stage that came back♪