NCT127 Taeyong&Yuta(Yutae) cried!? Instagram-live after the first Tokyo Dome performance is a hot topic!

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Today, NCT127 held the first concert at Tokyo Dome on May 28th.

It was the first time for NCT127 to perform as solo at Tokyo Dome since their debut.

After the first day of the performance at Tokyo Dome, NCT127 members broadcasted an instagram-live!

While I thinked that NCT127 members were tired after the concert, they broadcasted instagram-live for the fans.

NCT127 members told us the behind of the concert at Tokyo dome.

The moving point of this NCT127 Tokyo Dome performance was the scene that Taeyong and Yuta (Yutae) were crying!

As it was mentioned in the instagram live, it seems that many fans cried at the scene where Taeyong and Japanese member Yuta crying 😭

Johnny said that “Taeyong and Yuta, who were born in 1995, cried, so Johnny thought he had to cry with them”.

The tears of Yutae this time are a hot topic among NCTzen.

Furthermore, it was an instagram-live full of highlights, such as a story about YOSHIKI who came to see NCT127’s Tokyo Dome performance.