Chinese members! NCT DREAM Chenle, Renjun and SEVENTEEN Jun, THE8’s group photo is a topic !!


KPOP is very popular all over the world.

The KPOP group, such as NCT, SEVENTEEN, and TWICE, has recently become a global member.

This time, I would like to introduce the photos that NCT DREAM Chenle and Renjun posted on Weibo!

Quote: Weibo

Here is a photo posted on NCT DREAM Chenle and Renjun in Weibo .

They took a commemorative photo with SEVENTEEN Jun and THE8!

All four members are from China, but I didn’t know they had any exchanges.

The picture was too cool!

I was happy to see the bond that transcended the group.

NCT Mark and SEVENTEEN Joshua were also shown together.

Because there are 2 groups from a very popular group, all the photos were valuable.

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Chinese members NCT DREAM Chenle and Renjun.

A wonderful photo with SEVENTEEN members became a topic.

We continue to hope the success of Chinese members♪