BTS Taehyung’s “ZIP!” pose is too cute !!

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BTS is very popular in Japan.

The other day, BTS’s Japanese original new song “Stay Gold” was released and swept the charts around the world.

BTS attracts all attention, but BTS Taehyung’s ZIP! pose is too cute!

BTS appeared in the morning information program ZIP! to introduce the new song “Stay Gold”.

BTS members performed the familiar ZIP! pose, but only Taehyung was different!

Taehyung had a unique “Asadesu” pose, but the ZIP! pose was also unique!

I could feel the cute charm of Taehyung.

If BTS reappears in ZIP!, focus on Taehyung’s ZIP! pose.

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BTS has become a hot topic for its appearance in ZIP!

The new BTS song “Stay Gold” was a great song.

Please check it out!