“Fear is coming” in SEVENTEEN「Darl+ing」is a hot topic ! The MV ending is very interesting !

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The new song “Darl+ing” released by SEVENTEEN.

“Darl+ing” is SEVENTEEN’s first English single and is attracting attention from all over the world.

Today, the MV for “Darl+ing” has been released, and various theories are being discussed among CARAT!

This is the MV for SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” released on YouTube.

“Darl+ing” is healing song and so sweet.

In the MV of “Darl+ing”, “Peter Pan” theory is talked about, and the theory is interesting.

The ending of “Darl+ing” is a hot topic!

At the ending, the peaceful world collapses and turns into a dark and scary world.

SEVENTEEN members were hurt, and it was a surprising ending.

The relationship with “Fear” is also considered!

In the last scene, the sentence “FEAR IS COMING” was written on the left wall. (Around 3 minutes and 17 seconds)

“Fear” is a song released by SEVENTEEN in September 2019, and it has opposite concept of “Darling”.

I’m looking forward to the future story of how “Darl+ing” and “FEAR” will be connected.

Probably “Darl+ing”is related to the new album that will be released by SEVENTEEN in May, I’m wondering what kind of new song it is!

Let’s check it out ♪