What’s meaning of IVE “HEYA” ? Addictive lyrics are good!


IVE belongs to STARSHIP Entertainment.

IVE is planning to make a comeback with their new album “IVE SWITSH”, which is attracting a lot of attention.

This time I will introduce the meaning of IVE’s new song “HEYA”!

This is the MV teaser for the new song “HEYA” posted on IVE’s official Twitter.

The repeated phrase “HEYA” is so addictive.

I’m curious about the meaning of the title song “HEYA”!

“HEYA” is an English slang word that seems to mean “Hey!” or “Yo-ho!”

“HEYA” is a song inspired by Korean folklore, and is said to express the traditional beauty of Korea.

In Korean, “HEYA” is written as “해야” and is said to be related to “해(Sun)”.

The concept of “HEYA” is “a tiger that loves the sun”!

The lyrics seem to be something people of all ages can sing along to, so I’d like to hear the full version soon😆

Let’s check out the full MV of IVE “HEYA” that will be released in the future♪