Dancer Noze is so beautiful ! As EXO Kai’s back dancer, also in Street Woman Fighter, Noze has become a hot topic!

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The dance program “Street Woman Fighter” is popular not only in Korea but all over the world.

The appearance of Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE has attracted attention, and the dancers who devised the choreography of KPOP idols are also appearing.

This time, I would like to introduce Noze, a dancer who became a hot topic in “Street Woman Fighter”!

This is Noze’s video on Street Woman Fighter posted on YouTube.

Everyone was surprised at Noze’s beautiful face from the time she appeared.

In fact, Noze was originally noticed as a back dancer for EXO Kai’s solo song “Mmmh”!

This is the dance video of EXO Kai’s solo song “Mmmh”.

The long black-haired dancer to the left of Kai is Noze.

From this time on, Noze’s so beautiful face was a hot topic.

In “Street Woman Fighter”, Noze belonged to the WAYB team and was doing her best in dance battles with other teams.

Of particular note was Noze’s dance performance at “HEY MAMA”!

The choreography of Noze was selected from veteran dancers and talented dancers, and she was the main dancer.

The dance of “HEY MAMA” is popular among KPOP idols, and various idols imitate Noze’s dance.

Recently, Noze has been the back dancer of SHINee Key’s solo song “BAD LOVE”, and “Street Woman Fighter”‘s fans are paying attention to Noze.

Unusual as a back dancer, Noze’s fan cam has also been released, and it has recorded a great number of views.

Noze did the ending fairy with Key, so it was a nice scene for “Street Woman Fighter” fans!

Let’s check out the next activities of Noze ♪