Apink’s sister Weeekly debuts with “Tag Me (@Me)”! !

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Apink is a very popular girl group in Korea.

Apink has been a long time since its debut, but it is still a very popular group.

A new girl group Weeekly debuted with “Tag Me (@Me)” from the same office as Apink!

This is the MV of Weeekly’s debut song “Tag Me (@Me)” released on June 30.

Weeekly has been the focus of attention since its debut as a girl group born after 10 years from Play M to which Apink belongs.

Weeekly The average age of members is 17, and Lee Soo Jin from the survival program “MIXNINE”, where ITZY Ryujin and others appeared, belongs to this group.

Weeekly’s debut song, “Tag Me (@Me),” has proved popular by surpassing millions of views in a flash after it was released.

It’s a girl group that is likely to become more popular in the future!

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Weeekly attracted attention as Apink’s sister.

Weeekly’s debut song “Tag Me (@Me)” has finally been released.

Be sure to check out the stage where Weeekly will appear♪