SHINee’s 9th anniversary in Japan! Taemin’s moving posts are hot topics !!

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SHINee made their debut in Japan in 2011.

SHINee is very popular in Japan, and performed at Tokyo Dome.

Recently, Onew, Key, and Minho are joining the team, and Taemin is working hard as a solo.

SHINee Taemin posted a commemorative photo to commemorate the 9th anniversary of her debut in Japan!

Here is a photo posted by SHINee Taemin on Instagram on June 22nd.

It was a group photo of the five people they took during the Japan tour!

It was a moving photo with the appearance of Jonghyun.

“9, I’m so quick. I want to play again☆”

and Taemin commented in Japanese!

Thank you very much for writing the message in Japanese, it was a great present for Japanese fans!

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SHINee celebrated the 9th anniversary of their debut in Japan.

I haven’t been able to see SHINee live recently, but I want to see SHINee in Japan soon!

I’m looking forward to the next SHINee live♪