GoldenChild Bomin and YeEun graduate from Music Bank MC! There is also a scene where YeEun tears !!

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Music bank, a very popular Korean music program.

A lot of popular artists appear in Music Bank every time and they show off a wonderful stage.

GoldenChild Bomin and YeEun, who were MCs of Music Bank, graduated from MCs!

This is Music Bank broadcast on July 17.

Bomin and YeEun were giving their final greetings.

I was moved by YeEun who shed tears.

They thanked the staff and fans.

Bomin and YeEun served as MC for Music Bank for about a year.

The two people became talked about by appearing in the popular web drama “A-TEEN”.

The collaboration stage between Bomin and YeEun was wonderful.

On the cover stage of IU’s “Friday” and f(x)’s “Goodbye Summer”, the singing voices that are perfect for the two were wonderful.

Bomin is younger than YeEun, so it was cute to call her “NUNA”!

Bomin who served as MC was also active as 00s.

00s is a special unit formed at Music Bank.

In addition to Bomin, 00s has AB6IX Daehwi, Stray Kids Hyunjin, and Astro Sanha.

The stage of Red Velvet “Psycho” by 00s the other day has become a hot topic all over the world.

After graduating from MC, I want to see the 00s special stage again.

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Golden Child Bomin and YeEun who have been MCs of Music Bank for about a year.

The two MCs were so cute that it was fun to watch.

I’m sorry to graduate from MC, but I’m still supporting the success of Bomin and YeEun♪