A masterpiece stage! THE BOYZ shows “Reveal” in Kingdom! !

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Road to Kingdom ”featuring popular idols such as PENTAGON, THE BOYZ, and Golden Child.

The first place was THE BOYZ.

THE BOYZ, who transformed into a phantom thief, covered Taemin’s “Danger”.

Such THE BOYZ performed “Reveal” at the Road to Kingdom competition!

This is the stage of THE BOYZ “Reveal” that was shown at Kingdom.

The story was connected from the last stage of “Danger”.

They were fighting for the crown they took.

There were many performances that overwhelmed other performers on this stage!

I was surprised at the performance of fighting on the flag like a horse fight!

I was wondering how it works.

THE BOYZ is full of ideas and it’s too great.

I was also surprised at the performance that gave fire.

It was cool that they finally regained the crown!

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The BOYZ stage that overwhelmed the other performers.

A lot of great performances.

Please check it out!