Where is the chocolate mint cafe in Korea visited by NiziU Ayaka, Riku and Nina? A cute cafe recommended for chocolate mint lovers !!

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NiziU was formed from the popular audition program Nizi Project.

NiziU’s pre-debut song “Make you happy” has recorded an amazing number of views.

This time, I would like to introduce the chocolate mint cafe visited by NiziU’s Ayaka, Riku, and Nina!

This is a photo posted on the official Instagram of NiziU.

It seems that Ayaka, Riku and Nina went to eat chocolate mint cake!

The cute visuals of all three were impressive.

By the way, the chocolate mint cafe visited by Ayaka, Riku and Nina is called “MINT HEIM”.

As its name suggests, MINT HEIM is a cafe specializing in chocolate mint.

It’s almost certainly published in Korean guidebooks.

The inside of the shop is also unified with chocolate mint color, and it is a shop recommended for Instagram.

If you like chocolate mint, you will love MINT HEIM!

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Choco mint lover NiziU Ayaka, Riku, Nina.

The chocolate mint cake that the three people ate seemed really delicious.

I definitely want to go♪