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NiziU members appear in Stray Kids’God’s Menu’! Revealed in an Instagram post !!

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Stray Kids finished their comeback with a great success with their new song “God’s Menu”.

The performance of Stray Kids was cool.

NiziU members appeared in the MV of “God’s Menu”!

This is a photo posted on the official Instagram of NiziU.

Rima posted it.

The photo shows Rima, Mako, Ayaka, Miihi, Maya and Rio in school clothes.

It was rumored that NiziU members had been appearing since the MV of “God’s Menu” was released.

Their uniform looks great and it was cute.

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NiziU who appeared on the MV of Stray Kids “God’s Menu”.

The appearance of NiziU has been a hot topic all over the world.

Please check it out♪