NiziU Mayuka and TWICE Momo are from the same junior high school! ? Unexpected common points are revealed !!


NiziU was born from the popular audition program Nizi Project.

The MV of “Make you happy” by NiziU has set a great record.

This time, I will introduce the surprising commonalities between NiziU Mayuka and TWICE Momo!

This is the content that Momo was talking about on the V Live broadcast by TWICE the other day.

Momo says there was a child from the same middle school in NiziU!

The member is Mayuka.

Momo and Mayuka seem to be attending Tanabe Junior High School in Kyoto!

It’s a coincidence that middle school is the same.

I felt destiny that Momo and Mayuka, who are active in the world, graduated from the same middle school.

I would be happy if we could see the two perform together.

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NiziU is a hot topic as a new idol born from JYP.

I found a surprising relationship between TWICE Momo and NiziU Mayuka.

I will continue to support TWICE and NiziU♪