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TWICE Momo has more families! ? What is the name of a cute dog ?

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Popular Girls Group TWICE.

It was announced that TWICE would make a comeback on June 1.

Recently, iimagechange of TWICE member has become a topic.

This time, I’d like to introduce TWICE Momo’s Instagram post.

Here is a photo of MOMO posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

“Once I have something to tell you! I’ve been raising dogs for a while! “

MOMO reported that the family had increased.

It is a pretty dog that is good for MOMO!

By the way, MOMO’s dog’s name is Boo.

Momo said, “If it’s ONCE, you know why?”but I’m sure it took it from Boo of Monsters Ink.

Momo was known for her love of Boo for a long time, but she was surprised to find her dog named.

It is a lovely and wonderful name.

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Twice Momo recently started buying dog Boo.

I hope it will heal MOMO’s busy schedule.

I’m looking forward to Boo and MOMO’s cute posts ♪