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BLACKPINK Jennie watched WINNER Mino’s solo concert with TWICE Jeongyeon! The popular idols friendship has become a hot topic!

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BLACKPINK belonging to YG Entertainment.

The other day, BLACKPINK participated in Paris Fashion Week.

BLACKPINK Jennie came to WINNER Mino’s solo concert!

This is a photo with Mino posted in the story of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Instagram.

Jennie and Mino had the same facial expressions, and they are so cute.

Before, when Jennie was active in “SOLO” and Mino was active in “FIANCÉ”, the co-starring of the two people was a hot topic.

Furthermore, at Mino’s concert, fans witnessed Jennie with TWICE’s Jeongyeon!

The frinendship between Jennie and Jeongyeon was wonderful.

I’m looking forward to the good friendship between BLACKPINK and TWICE members in the future♪