15th anniversary of TWICE’s Jihyo joining JYP! Congratulations messages from all over the world !!


TWICE who belongs to JYP Entertainment.

TWICE has been very popular since its debut.

It’s been 15 years since TWICE leader Jihyo joined JYP!

Quote: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCqgH0JjdPx/

This is a picture of Jihyo posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

A lot of photos of Jihyo’s childhood were posted!

“Today is the 15th anniversary ♡…I wonder if it will be my 15th anniversary at this age… (laughs),” she added.

When Jihyo made her debut as TWICE, she was getting attention as a member who has long been a trainee.

Jihyo is a super-effort idol who spent 10 years as a trainee and made her long-cherished debut.

Jihyo’s 15th anniversary was celebrated by fans all over the world.

It has reached the trend of Twitter.

You can see that Jihyo is loved by the world.

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TWICE Jihyo has reached the 15th anniversary since joining JYP.

Jihyo is very active as a leader of TWICE.

Please check it out♪