Beautiful TWICE Tzuyu is a hot topic! Check out the MV for “Alcohol-Free” ♪


TWICE made a comeback with the new song “Alcohol-Free”.

The MV for “Alcohol-Free” was released at 18:00, and it has already become a hot topic.

Tzuyu has become a hot topic in the released “Alcohol-Free” music video!

This is the MV for TWICE “Alcohol-Free” published on YouTube.

It was a song that was perfect for the hot summer and you would want to listen to it many times.

Everyone was beautiful wearing gorgeous outfits, and Tzuyu got a lot of attention!

“#TZUYU” was a trend of Twitter.

In “Alcohol-Free”, Tzuyu was singing the chorus part following Nayeon, and her red outfit looked great!

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In “Alcohol-Free”, some members changed their hairstyles and hair colors.

Chaeyoung, who has a grape-colored hair color, looks like summer and is cute!

Please check out the comeback activity of TWICE “Alcohol-Free” starting from now on ♪