TWICE Mina’s cute prank! ? What did Mina speak to Momo who hates watermelons?


TWICE’s all members are good friends.

In 2020 SOBA, TWICE has achieved three crowns.

Introducing TWICE Mina’s cute prank for Momo!

This video is a reality program of TWICE released on YouTube on August 14.

TWICE went to a healing camp on the program.

TWICE has a busy schedule, but it seems that they enjoyed camping.

It was a fun video to see the usual cute TWICE members.

Mina who handed the brought watermelon to Nayeon.

Mina said to Momo, who doesn’t like watermelons, “Momo, eat it well” .

It was a cute Mina’s prank for Momo .

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TWICE is also popular for YouTube videos.

In this video, TWICE members went to the healing camp.

It was a fun video to see the usual TWICE members, different from what they were on stage.

Please check it out♪