TWICE Sana participated in StrayKids BangChan’s V Live on the phone ! The conversation between two good friends is cute!


StrayKids and TWICE who belong to JYP Entertainment.

Because they are in the same office, some members spent the trainee period together.

TWICE also appeared in the survival program “Stray Kids” where StrayKids was born.

StrayKids BangChan and TWICE Sana are known as good friends.

Sana participated in the V Live broadcast by BangChan on January 31st and became a hot topic!

This is V Live broadcasted by Bang Chan.

Sana joined the V Live on phone from around 48 minutes.

In the scene introducing recommended songs, Sana recommended “I WISH”, but BangChan said “I MISS YOU?” and it was funny scene.

Also, BangChan joked “I got a gummy that Nayon noona likes, so I’ll definitely give it to her! Only for Nayeon noona! ” and it was cute that Sana was a little angry .

At the end of the call, BangChan said “Good night ~” in Japanese!

Sana also replied “Good night”, and it was a cute conversation.

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TWICE and StrayKids performed at the Seoul Music Awards held on January 31st.

Both groups won Bonsang, and their performance was gorgeous and cool!

I also support the success of TWICE and StrayKids in 2021 ♪