Stray Kids Bang Chan’s room in new dorm is wonderful! The photo with Felix is cute! Check his V Live♪

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Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids.

Bang Chan is a member of 3RACHA, and his stage performance are cool.

Yesterday, January 22nd, Bang Chan broadcasted V Live!

This is V Live broadcasted by Stray Kids Bang Chan.

This time, V Live was broadcastered from Bang Chan’s room in new dorm.

The lights are beautiful, and you can feel the good sense of Bang Chan.

The photo with Felix taken at MAMA was cute!

Stray Kids members shared a room before, but recently they seems to have become a single room in new dorm.

Bang Chan said that when he is bored, he goes to another member’s room, and you can see their good relationships!

I would like to see not only Bang Chan but also the rooms of other Stray Kids members ♪