NCT Yuta and StrayKids Felix & LeeKnow are friends! ? The ending at the SBS Song Festival is a hot topic!


NCT127 Yuta is popular all over the world.

Yuta is active not only in Korea, but also in Japan, and his acting is popular these days.

At the SBS Son Festival held yesterday, December 24th, Yuta and StrayKids members got a lot of attention! f_wmM5RC9rk

This is the ending of the SBS Song Festival that was released on YouTube.

In the ending, all idols who appeared gathered on the stage.

Yuta was greeting his fans while holding hands with Mark and Chenle.

In a video taken by a fan, Yuta hugged StrayKids Felix and LeeKnow!

The exchange between Yuta and StrayKids was not known until now, so it was a surprising relationship.

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At the 2022 Idol Athletics, it turned out that NCT Shotaro, Felix, and Han are good friends.

Because Jungwoo is a MC of Music Core with LeeKnow, maybe that’s why LeeKnow is also acquainted with Yuta!

Because it was full of other highlights, lets check out the ending at the SBS Song Festival♪