Stray Kids Changbin’s older sister is appeared! Felix’s bicycle VLOG is released !


Stray Kids made a comeback with their new album “NO EASY”.

The title song is “소리꾼 (Thunderous)”, and the number of times the MV has been played has set a great record.

This time, I will introduce Stray Kids Felix and Changbin’s Vlog!

Here is a video of Stray Kids Felix and Changbin posted on YouTube.

They enjoyed riding the bicycles.

In this Vlog, Changbin’s older sister was also appeared.

Changbin’s older sister are famous among STAY.

The conversation between Changbin and his older sister was interesting.

It seems that Felix was ​​spending time with Changbin’s family on the day before.

I’m looking forward to the next Stray Kids Vlog ♪