Eye contact between Stray Kids Hyunjin and TREASURE Jihoon is cute! Show off “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” in Inkigayo!

Quote from:TREASURE twitter

Music program “SBS Inkigayo” broadcast in South Korea.

A lot of popular artists appear every week, showing off a gorgeous stage.

In the Inkigayo broadcasted on August 29th, Stray Kids performed the comeback stage of “소리꾼(Thunderous)”!

These are photos of Stray Kids who appeared in Inkigayo.

In this Inkigayo, not only “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” but also “The View” was shown, and the pink outfit was cute.

Stray Kids’ comeback interview was also noted!

Inkigayo MCs TREASURE Jihoon and Stray Kids have co-starred in the “Stray Kids” program before their debut.

It seems that their friendship has continued since then, and there was a scene where Jihoon and Hyunjin made eye contact and laughed at each other.

Last time, when TREASURE appeared in “Show Music Core” where Hyunjin was MC, Jihoon and Hyunjin were talking friendly.

They still have a good friendship, and I want you to make collaboration someday ♪