StrayKids Hyunjin dances EXO Kai “음 (Mmmh)”! Sexy dance is a hot topic !!

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StrayKids, a talented boy group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

At the music festival at the end of the year, StrayKids performed BTS and 2PM songs and became a hot topic.

This time, we would like to introduce EXO Kai’s “음 (Mmmh)” danced by StrayKids Hyunjin!

This is the dance of EXO Kai “음 (Mmmh)” by StrayKids Hyunjin.

Kai is a member known for his top-class dance skills in the KPOP world, and is active not only as EXO but also as SuperM.

In Kai’s first solo song “음 (Mmmh)” , there is sexy dance in chorus.

A sexy wave dance was also seen in “음 (Mmmh)” danced by Hyunjin!

Not only the chorus dance, and also the quick movements of the neck, legs, and hands were copied one by one, and it was a true dance cover.

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At the 2020 KBS Song Festival, Hyunjin was performing the cover stage of GOT7 “Hard Carry” with NCT Shotaro, ASTRO Moonbin, and THE BOYZ Juyeon.

Everyone is a good dancer, and Hyunjin was really cool!

The stage of Red Velvet “Psycho” covered as 00s is also very popular, and the number of views of Hyunjin’s fancam video has set a tremendous record.

Please check that out too ♪