TXT Soobin and Stray Kids Hyunjin shake hands! Show off the comeback stage of “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” on Music Bank!

Quote from:TXT twitter

Stray Kids made a comeback with their new album “NO EASY”.

The title song is “소리꾼 (Tunderous)”, and the number of MV views has already exceeded 35 million.

Stray Kids performed the comeback stage of “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” on the Music Bank broadcast on August 27th!

This is a comeback interview with Stray Kids on the Music Bank posted on YouTube.

I.N, Hyunjin, Felix, LeeKnow, and Seungmin participated.

Not only the part that was actually broadcast, but also before and after the interview was shown.

Seungmin’s singing in the interview was very beautiful 😆

Hyunjin and TXT Soobin after the interview were the focus of attention!

It was wonderful that Hyunjin shaked hands with Soobin.

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Actually, also when Stray Kids made a comeback with “Back Door” last time, Hyunjin and Soobin seemed to be on good terms.

The two were born in 2000 and same olds, and I’m wondering what made them get along with each other!

Be sure to check out the stage of Stray Kids “소리꾼(Thunderous)” that was shown on Music Bank ♪