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StrayKids performed BTS “Dionysus” ! Their performance at 2020 KBS Song Festival is a hot topic !!

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StrayKids belongs to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is a popular group for their powerful performances.

StrayKids performed BTS “Dionysus” at the 2020 KBS Song Festival broadcast on December 18th!

Stray Kids – Dionysus (원곡: 방탄소년단) + 神메뉴 [2020 KBS 가요대축제] 20201218

This is the stage of StrayKids that was shown at the 2020 KBS Song Festival.

StrayKids first showed off BTS’s “Dionysus”.

The set was also prepared properly, and it was a highly complete cover.

“Dionysus” is a popular song for intense dance, and high-difficulty performances are attracting attention, and StrayKids’ dance was also powerful.

After “Dionysus” there was a stage for StrayKids’ own song “God’s Menu”.

“God’s Menu” was arranged for 2020 KBS Song Festival , and it was a really cool stage.

The reaction of THE BOYZ after StrayKids stage was over was also interesting.

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StrayKids also talked about their performance at 2020 MAMA.

The performance of “Victory Song” was wonderful!

Please check that out too ♪