StrayKids Felix made a chocolate brownie! Cute photos were posted!


Stray Kids who belong to the same JYP Entertainment as 2PM and TWICE.

Stray Kids released “God’s Menu” and “Back Door” in 2020, and they are idols who are expected to play an active role in the future.

Here are some brownie photos posted by Stray Kids Felix!

This is pictures Felix posted on the official Stray Kids Instagram.

Felix used to make chocolate brownies a lot.

He also made a delicious brownie this time, and the picture he was eating was cute 😆

In the past, Stray Kids members also ate Felix’s brownies deliciously.

Fans who saw the post were saying “I want to eat brownies made by Felix”.

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Stray Kids will appear in Kingdom, which is scheduled to start broadcasting in April.

The first performance released the other day was watched by fans all over the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance you can see in the Kingdom ♪