StrayKids Hyunjin’s abs are a hot topic! Showed off “Victory Song” at MAMA!

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StrayKids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

All the members are handsome, and their cool performances are popular.

At 2020 MAMA, StrayKids performed “Victory Song”!

This is StrayKids “Victory Song” that was performed at 2020 MAMA.

They wore a red costume and it was a knight-like concept.

There were many dancers and it was a gorgeous stage.

Hyunjin’s abs attracted attention among fans!

Hyunjin wore sexy clothes , so there was a scene where you could see his abs while he was dancing.

He had a nice abs !

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After “Victory Song”, there was also a collaboration stage of THE BOYZ Juyeon, ATEEZ San, and StrayKids Hyunjin.

It was a notice of Kingdom, and it was a very exciting stage!

We also support the future activities of StrayKids ♪