TXT Yeonjun and StrayKids Hyunjin are similar! ? The two pink long hairs look alike!

Quote from:TXT twitter

Popular KPOP idols TXT and StrayKids.

TXT belongs to Big Hit Entertainment and StrayKids belongs to JYP Entertainment, both of which are major offices.

It’s been talked about that TXT Yeonjun and StrayKids Hyunjin are similar!

TXT will make a comeback with the new album “Blue Hour” on October 26th.

Yeonjun’s long pink hair has attracted attention!

Hyunjin also had long hair and pink when he was active in “Back Door”.

Not only the hairstyle but also their sexy atmosphere is very similar.

Both of them have attractive eyes, and there are many similarities.

Fans are expecting Yeonjun and Hyunjin to co-star!

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In the previously broadcast Music Bank, the scene where TXT Soobin and Hyunjin are getting along was talked about.

Yeonjun and Hyunjin may also have an friendship!

I’m looking forward to the future co-starring of the two ♪