Facial Expression 4 Changes!!TIKTok video of TXT Yeonjun is a hot topic!

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TikTok is popular recently.

BTS, TXT, TWICE also have interesting posts on TikTok.

This time, I will introduce a cute TikTok video that TXT Yeonjun posted.

This is a video posted by TXT Yeonjun to TikTok.

Yeonjun who makes an expression according to emoticons is so cute!

Smile → Surprise face → Duck mouth → tongue out face

All the faces were cute.

Yeonjun is good at making facial expressions.

It was a video that I want to review many times.

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It is a recommended video when i want to be healed.

Other TXT members have also posted interesting TikTok videos.

Please check it out♪