Focus on the reaction of StrayKids Hyunjin and Han to NiziU! The reaction video of the MV for 「Back Door」 has been released !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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StrayKids made a comeback with the new song “Back Door”.

The powerful performance of StrayKids is attracting attention.

The reaction video of the MV for Stray Kids “Back Door” has been released!

This is the MV reaction video of Stray Kids “Back Door” released on YouTube.

Stray Kids members were also surprised at the completeness of the MV that they saw for the first time.

It was a wonderful music video with various CG added.

NiziU members also appeared in the MV for “Back Door”, which became a hot topic.

In the scene where NiziU appeared, Hyunjin and Han waved their hands and reacted with “Everyone, Annyon!” And they were cute!

It’s a good relationship between idols who belong to the same JYP Entertainment.

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The music video for StrayKids’ new song “Back Door” is about to reach 40 million views.

It’s been a great record even though it’s been less than a week since it was released!

Be sure to check out the stage of the “Back Door” music program ♪