Stray Kids Hyunjin and BTS Taehyung(V) are similar !? Many fans are addicted to their attractive eyes!

Quote from:StrayKids

Stray Kids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids appered at TMA2021 held on October 2nd, and performed 3 unit songs and “Thunderous”.

Some fans are talking that Stray Kids Hyunjin and BTS Taehyung(V) are similar!

These are photos of Hyunjin posted on the official Instagram of Stray Kids after TMA2021.

At TMA2021, Hyunjin performed a unit performance of “Red Lights” with Bangchan.

Their outfits is sexy, and the charismatic dance is wonderful.

It seems that many KPOP fans feel that the aura of Hyunjin is close to Taehyung.

Both Hyunjin and Taehyung have long hair, so they are visually similar.

It seems that there are many fans who are attracted to their attractive eyes 😆

And it seems that people who were originally fans of BTS Taehyung often become fans of Stray Kids Hyunjin.

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In the photo of Hyunjin posted this time, the tattoo on his stomach also attracted attention.

Each tattoo was designed to be meaningful, and it was cool!

Let’s check the future activities of Stray Kids and BTS ♪