TXT “LOSER=LOVER” MV was released! What is the relationship with “0X1=LOVESONG”?


TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is very popular all over the world.

TXT has challenged various concepts since their debut.

The MV for TXT’s new song “LOSER = LOVER” has been released!

This is the MV for TXT “LO$ER = LO♡ER” released on YouTube.

Until now, various photos and teasers have been released, and fans have been paying attention to their new songs.

The MV story was connected from the previous song “0X1 = LOVE SONG”!

In “0X1 = LOVE SONG”, there was a scene where Yeonjun’s car burned, and that was a dream.

Yeonjun’s car also appeared in this new song “LOSER = LOVER” MV.

The difference from the MV of “0X1 = LOVE SONG” is that a woman who seems to be TXT’s girlfriend appeared.

Also, although it appeared in the MV of “0X1 = LOVE SONG”, the father also appeared in the new song “LOSER = LOVER”.

The scene where Beomgyu fight with his father was impressive.

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TXT will appear in each music program and promote the comeback activity of “LOSER = LOVER”.

I’m looking forward to the performance using the stand mic!

Please check TXT’s performance ♪