StrayKids Hyunjin dressed up as Halloween costume for Malfoy! Hyunjin’s Malfoy was very cool !!

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Quote from:StrayKids twitter
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Stray Kids, whose new Japanese original song “ALL IN” is very popular.

The word “No search results for STOP(STOPの検索結果がありません)” is also attracting attention.

This time, we will introduce the Halloween costumes that Stray Kids challenged!

This is the Halloween costume that Stray Kids showed at the “IN生” video call event.

Felix: Vampire prince

I.N: Harley Quinn

Lee Know: Chucky

Changbin: Woody

Han: Grim Reaper

Bang Chan: Vampire

Seungmin: Sherlock

Hyunjin: Malfoy (Harry Potter)

I.N’s Harley Quinn, Lee Know’s Chucky, and Bang Chan’s Vampire were elaborate costume.

Changbin’s Woody was very interesting !

Hyunjin with long hair was perfect for Malfoy’s disguise and was very cool!

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StrayKids has also released a Halloween version of “ALL IN”.

All the costumes are cute, and the gap with the usual cool Stray Kids was good.

Please check that out too ♪