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Stray Kids will make a comeback with “Christmas EveL”! Stray Kids’ logo became Christmas color! What is the concept ?

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Stray Kids, a popular boy group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids won the KINGDOM, and their cool performance became a hot topic.

It was announced that Stray Kids will make a comeback with “Christmas EveL”!

This is a notice related to “Christmas EveL” posted on the official Stray Kids Twitter account.

“Christmas EveL” will be released on November 29th, and it has already become a hot topic in the world.

The title is perfect for the Christmas season, and fans are interested in the concept.

It may be a romantic song because it’s Christmas, but when you look at the poster of “Christmas EveL”, it’s very cool like Stray Kids.

In addition, Stray Kids’ Twitter logo has also changed.

Like Christmas, it became a green and red color 😆

Don’t miss the upcoming information about Stray Kids “Christmas EveL” ♪