Stray Kids Hyunjin’s art is a hot topic! His picture of the eye drawn with a pencil is amazing!

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StrayKids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin is a popular member for his cool dance performance.

Recently Hyunjin’s talent for art is also attracting attention!

These are photos previously posted on the official Stray Kids Instagram.

The pictures drawn by Hyunjin with a pencil were posted.

In second photo, there is a big eye art, and it’s very beautiful 😆

In addition to drawing with pencils, Hyunjin is also good at art with other techniques.

In Hyunjin’s Vlog, which was released before, he showed us various arts.

Hyunjin’s art talent is so amazing !

Let’s check out Hyunjin’s paintings in the future ♪