Heartbreak lyrics? What’s meaning of StrayKids Felix’s solo song “Deep end”? Looking forward to SKZ-REPLAY♪

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StrayKids Felix is very popular.

StrayKids, including Felix, will release ‘SKZ-REPLAY’ on December 21st.

“SKZ-REPLAY” contains the title song “FAM” as well as the solo songs of StrayKids members.

Felix’s solo song “Deep end” is attracting attention among STAY!

This is the A-Side tracklist of “SKZ-REPLAY” posted on StrayKids’ official Twitter account.

Starting with the title song “FAM”, solo songs from Bang Chan to I.N are recorded in order of age.

The title of Felix’s solo song is “Deep end”!

“Deep end” means “deep place” or “difficult situation”.

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I don’t know if it’s Felix’s actual experience, and “Deep end” is already attracting attention.

It’s amazing that not only 3RACHA but every member is full of talent!

Let’s check out “SKZ-REPLAY”♪