What meaning of StrayKids “MEGAVERSE” ? The lyrics are cool!


StrayKids belongs to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is scheduled to release their new album “樂-STAR” on November 10th, and STAY around the world are looking forward to it.

Today, October 20th, the video for “樂-STAR” track 1 “MEGAVERSE” has been released!

This is the track video of StrayKids’ “MEGAVERSE'” posted on YouTube.

There was a lot to see, from Felix’s low voice at the beginning to LeeKnow’s part at the end.

I’m wondering what the song title “MEGAVERSE” means!

There is little information about the meaning of “MEGAVERSE”, but it is expected to be related to the Metaverse.

The lyrics of “MEGAVERSE” are really cool😆

Let’s check out the other track videos of StrayKids “樂-STAR” that will be released in the future♪