Stray Kids Hyunjin’s favorite perfume? GUCCI’s perfume is a hot topic at his V Live on hotel in Japan!


Stray Kids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin is a popular member because of his handsome looks and charismatic performance on stage.

Yesterday, June 9th, Stray Kids Hyunjin broadcasted V Live on a hotel in Japan!

This is the V Live broadcasted by Stray Kids Hyunjin.

Yesterday, StrayKids members including Hyunjin arrived in Japan.

Hyunjin was eating pudding and “jagarico”, and he was so cute 😆

During V Live, Hyunjin’s favorite perfume also appeared!

It looks like a GUCCI perfume called “A Chant For The Nymph”, and the pink design was cute.

Many STAY are looking for the same GUCCI perfume as Hyunjin, and his influence is great.

Yesterday, not only Hyunjin but also LeeKnow broadcasted V Live from his hotel room.

Let’s check that out too ♪