Stray Kids Felix’s navel piercing is a hot topic! The photos on GQ KOREA are cool!


Stray Kids Felix is very popular all over the world.

Felix is a very handsome member who has both coolness and cuteness.

When Felix appeared in KINGDOM, the co-starring idols were captivated by Felix.

Felix appeared on GQ KOREA!

These are photos of Felix posted on the official Instagram of GQ KOREA.

Felix will appear in the August issue of GQ KOREA.

Felix wears various outfits, and all of them were beautifully dressed.

One of the hottest topics was Felix’s navel piercings!

I could see his navel through the gap in his shirt, and he had pierced earrings.

In KINGDOM, Felix revealed his abs and attracted attention, and this photo was also ver cool 😆

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In Hyunjin’s dance video “Play With Fire” released the other day, Hyunjin’s navel piercing was also talked about.

Stray Kids will make a comeback with their new album “NO EASY” in August, and I’m looking forward to their new songs!

Let’s check the future activities of Stray Kids ♪