ENHYPEN Niki’s long hair looks like Stray Kids Hyunjin! ? The concept photo of “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” has become a hot topic!

Quote from:BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN debuted from the audition program “I-LAND”.

ENHYPEN is scheduled to make a comeback with the new album “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” in October, and fans all over the world are expecting it.

Today, September 24th, the concept photo of the SCYLLA version of ENHYPEN “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” has been released!

And it’s been talked about that ENHYPEN’s Japanese member, Niki’s long hair resembles Stray Kids Hyunjin!

This is ENHYPEN Niki’s concept photo of “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” posted on BELIFT LAB’s official Twitter account.

Niki’s hair becomes long and surprised the fans.

I was able to feel new charm of Niki, which I had never seen before.

Looking at Niki’s long blonde hair, fans are talking about his resemblance to Stray Kids Hyunjin!

Stray Kids Hyunjin has long hair all these days, and there was a time when he was the same blonde as Niki.

Especially the atmosphere of their eyes is very similar, and the long hair is really nice 😆

I’m wondering if Niki will continue to work with long blonde hair even in the new song.

Not only Niki, but Sunoo and Jungwon’s hairstyle change were also cool!

Let’s check the information of ENHYPEN “DIMENSION: DILEMMA” in the future ♪