Also Kingdom notice! THE BOYZ & ATEEZ & StrayKids performed a joint stage at 2020MAMA !!


Road to Kingdom featuring popular male artists such as PENTAGON, ONF, THE BOYZ, and Golden Child.

THE BOYZ won the championship after a close battle.

This time, we would like to introduce the joint stage of THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids that was performed at 2020 MAMA!

This is the joint stage of THE BOYZ, ATEEZ and Stray Kids at 2020 MAMA.

First was the stage of THE BOYZ.

Juyeon was sitting in a chair like a king, and it was a cool appearance.

The red hair color also suits Juyeon very well.

THE BOYZ performed two songs, “REVEAL” and “CHECK MATE”.

In “REVEAL”, there was a performance using the ladder as in Road to Kingdom, and with the addition of fire, it was a magnificent performance. !!

Next was the stage of ATEEZ.

ATEEZ performed two songs, “INCEPTION” and “ANSWER”!

They wore a gorgeous black costume and it was a powerful performance.

Next was the stage of StrayKids.

It was really cool from the appearance of BangChan!

StrayKids has performed a special MAMA version of “Victory Song”.

Felix and Han’s spear technique and Hyunjin’s sword technique were also amazing.

It was a wonderful stage with the dancers.

Finally, there was a special performance by THE BOYZ Juyeon, StrayKids Hyunjin, and ATEEZ San!

The members in charge of the dance of each group gathered and danced intensely.

And the announcement of Kingdom became a hot topic!

It’s Coming Soon, and you can see that THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ will appear on Kingdom.

Please check out the Kingdom performers that will be announced in the future ♪