Felix has blue hair and Seungmin has orange hair! ? StrayKids performed “특 (S-Class)” at MusicBank!


On June 2nd, StrayKids made a comeback with their new song “특 (S-Class)”.

StrayKids’ ‘5-STAR’ album is recording great sales.

StrayKids performed “특 (S-Class)” on Music Bank today!

This is the comeback stage of StrayKids “특 (S-Class)” released on YouTube.

It was the first time that StrayKids performed “특 (S-Class)’ on a music program, so it was a lot of attention.

The hair color of the StrayKids members became a hot topic!

First, Felix had blue hair.

It was a hair color close to light blue 😆

Seungmin had orange hair, and the flashy hair was the best.

Hyunjin and LeeKnow had permed hair and their visuals were amazing.

Let’s check out the stage of StrayKids “특 (S-Class)” that will be shown on music programs in the future♪