StrayKids Felix’s see-through outfits are a hot topic on “MANIAC”! Their dance performance is cool!

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Stray Kids will release the new song “MANIAC” on March 18th.

The trailer of “ODDINARY” was released, and the mysterious concept is drawing attention.

Today, March 15th, the MV teaser for Stray Kids “MANIAC” has been released!

This is the MV teaser for “MANIAC” posted on the official Stray Kids Twitter account.

Felix’s voice was cool, and Hyunjin’s performance was also powerful.

The outfits that Felix wore are a hot topic among STAY!

Felix wore a see-through outfit😆

Felix has great muscle.

Only the first teaser has been released yet, so don’t miss the information about the upcoming Stray Kids “MANIAC” ♪