00s (빵빵즈) covers “Psycho”! Collaboration with AB6IX Daehwi, StrayKids Hyunjin, ASTRO Sanha and GoldenChild Bomin !!

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00s, a good idol team whose members born in 2000.

AB6IX Daehwi, StrayKids Hyunjin, ASTRO Sanha, GoldenChild Bomin.

00s(빵빵즈) has made a lot of attention when he performed the cover stage of GOT7 “Just Right” at Music Bank.

Such 00s covered the Red Velvet “Psycho” in the Music Bank First Half Financial Results Special broadcast on June 26th!

This is the stage of “Psycho” by 00s, which was shown at the Music Bank on June 26th.

I was happy to see the 00s collaboration stage again.

It was a surprising stage because it was a cover for a girls group this time!

It started with the beautiful high notes of Daehwi.

Daehwi is too good at covering female idols.

Bomin’s rap, Hyunjin’s manly dance, and Sanha’s powerful vocals were also wonderful.

It was a stage where you can feel the new charm of “Psycho”!

I thought it would be ant to be covered by male idols because it was a neutral feeling.

There were scenes that showed charm, so please look for it♪

I would like 00s to continue showing many cover stages.

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Red Velvet “Psycho” covered by 00s.

It was a stage where you can feel a fresh charm different from the original Red Velvet.

Please check it out!