StrayKids became CLIO’s new model! BangChan’s sexy outfit is a hot topic!

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StrayKids belongs to the same JYP Entertainment as 2PM and TWICE.

StrayKids is a popular idol with cool performances on stage.

StrayKids became a new model of CLIO!

This is a video of StrayKids posted on CLIO’s official Twitter account.

The white outfit was a pure concept, and the black outfit was a dark and cool concept.

This is a picture of Banchan and Hyunjin released on February 9th.

The two were top batters, and their looks were very cool!

Especially BangChan wore sexy outfit that show his upper body, and is a hot topic 😆

Hyunjin’s face was close up and his attractive eyes were impressive.

The long blonde hair looks great on Hyunjin and is perfect for cosmetic brand models!

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StrayKids is attracting attention for their appearance in Kingdom, which is scheduled to be broadcast from April 2021.

The stage that was performed at 2020 MAMA is also very powerful, and I’m looking forward to Kingdom!

Please check out the photos of CLIO with StrayKids that will be released in the future ♪