SKZOO character names of StrayKids have been announced! Cute goods are released!


StrayKids who belong to the same JYP Entertainment as 2PM and TWICE.

StrayKids has been decided to appear in Kingdom, which is scheduled to be broadcast from April 2021, and is expected to play an active role.

The name of StrayKids’s official character SKZOO has been announced!

This is a video of “God’s Menu” danced by SKZOO released on YouTube.

A little preview video was released before, but the full version has finally been released!

BangChan → Wolf Chan

LeeKnow → Leebit

Changbin → DWEKKI

Hyunjin → Jiniret


Pelix → BbokAri

Seungmin → PuppyM

I.N → Foxl.Ny

Han and HAN QUOKKA, Seungmin and PuppyM were just like each other.

The sale of SKZOO plush toys and figures has been announced.

SKZOO plush toys wearing the StrayKids T-shirt are very cute 😆

SKZOO’s figures wore the costume of “神메뉴”.

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StrayKids is becoming more and more popular every year.

At the Seoul Music Awards held on January 31st, StrayKids won Bonsang and showed a powerful performance!

Let’s check the success of StrayKids in 2021 ♪