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Stray Kids LeeKnow and NMIXX co-star in Music Core! LeeKnow praised NMIXX’s performance!

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NMIXX, a new girl group that debuted from JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX’s debut song “O.O” MV has been played over 43 million times, and it’s becoming popular all over the world.

Today, March 5th, NMIXX appeared in Music Core!

These are photos of NMIXX who appeared in Music Core.

NMIXX wore white outfits and they are so cute.

Currently, the MC of Music Core is Stray Kids LeeKnow.

When NMIXX danced “OO” in the comeback interview, LeeKnow praised NMIXX’s dance.

It was a wonderful scene where I could feel the bond between JYP idols.

NMIXX “O.O” that was shown on Music Core was also really cool, so let’s check it out ♪